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How to speak clearly and enjoy speaking

——   Created by Serena Greenslade

Train your voice so that you speak at the correct speed and do not mumble

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You may have the best ideas in the world, you may be the top expert in your field but if people can't hear you clearly or understand what you are saying - they will never know how brilliant you are! 

This course explains how you can sound clearer and feel more confident when speaking

In my teens I was incredibly shy and hated speaking to anyone I didn't know but I had lessons in speech training and slowly improved. I qualified as a teacher of speech in 1994 and have written in magazines all over the world.

Let me help you speak more clearly right now.

My course 'How to speak clearly and enjoy speaking' will teach you how to speak and use your voice so that you have more confidence in your speaking voice and are more easily understood when talking to people in social situations, at work, school, making presentations, public speaking etc. This isn't just for people who have to do public speaking, this is also for people who just want to improve the way they speak in everyday life.

I have been teaching people to speak well for over 25 years. I am qualified to Fellowship level in elocution and I teach this course as though you were sitting opposite me in my lounge. I explain and discuss the methods and then you get a chance to have a go. You will learn the technical aspects of speaking clearly as well as the expressive aspects. 

We cover the technical skills required to speak well and the expression you need to make what you say sound interesting. There are no gimmicks just common sense with a bit of fun!

Between 80% and 90% of information is retained by listeners if delivered by a trained voice as opposed to only 40% if delivered by an untrained voice.

I was an incredibly shy child and young adult

I was an extremely shy child and hated speaking to anyone and when I did I was nervous and quiet. I was taken to elocution lessons at the age of 10 and this had a lasting effect on me. I did not leaarn how to sound 'posh', I still have my Dorset accent when I'm not teaching. After I graduated form University (having studied Law and Economics) I went back to my passion - teaching people how to speak with confidence. I qualified in 1994 (A.N.E.A.) and taught for over 20 years and then took my Fellowship exam in 2014 which I passed with Honours, F.V.C.M.(Hons). I have taught university lecturers, doctors, engineers, children, parents, salespeople, teachers, nurses, students, entrepreneurs - since 1994 I have taught people of all ages from all professions from all over the world to speak English more clearly. I have written articles in magazines worldwide and an academic paper.

The course project

Read aloud or even better memorise the poems below and use all the skills you've been taught to make these poems sound fun and interesting. Remember to open your mouth, say the final consonants and make use of the punctuation to get the pausing correct. There is no rush to get to the end so slow down.

I’d love to be a Pirate by S.G.

A pirate’s journey is thrill after thrill

With big strong waves (that make me ill).

The ride is bumpy but they still steer the ship,

Tie knots galore, wash decks, each trip.

Their reward is treasure, money and gold.

That they love to count until they’re old.

Yes, I’d love to travel with Captain Nick,

But all that excitement might make me sick.

Dragon by S.G.

Underneath the castle lives a dragon in the cold.

He’s very, very grumpy and very, very old.

He hides away from children who visit just to stare.

And roars a roar so loud, that it gives us all a scare.

He keeps his dungeon hot by breathing out a flame

And if he happens to frighten you, then he’s very glad you came.

25 Lessons

3 mins
Some basics
3 mins
Face to face
2 mins
How do you say ;something'?
1 min
A common mistake with the word 'our'
4 mins
What is articulation?
4 mins
Organs of speech
3 mins
How to practice
6 mins
The importance of 't' and 'd'
6 mins
Using your tongue for the 'th' sound
4 mins
Vowel sounds
6 mins
How to correctly make the 'i' (eye) sound
6 mins
Other vowel sounds to practice
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About the instructor

It you!

Serena Greenslade is an experienced speech confidence coach from Dorset, UK and she now lives in central Portugal. Serena qualified in 1994 (A.N.E.A.) as an …

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