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How to Start a Podcast for Free Using the Anchor App

——   Created by Shelia Huggins

A Step-by Step Guide

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How to Make and Distribute a Podcast for Free An Introduction to The Anchor App for Podcast:

Development, Distribution, & Monetization

This is an introductory course.

According to, "back in 2006, only 22 percent of the adult population in the United States was aware of podcasting. By 2021, this figure had risen to 78 percent. Podcasting is an increasingly popular pastime in the U.S. and there were an estimated 120 million podcase listeners in the country in 2021. Forecasts suggest that the number of podcast listeners will surpass 160 million in 2023 after increases of around 20 million each year." Source

So, if you've been thinking about starting a podcast, this course can help you on your way.

According to its website description, Anchor is “The best way to make your podcast. Create and host unlimited episodes, distribute your show everywhere, and make money. All in one place, all for free.”

Its features include the following:

  • Free podcast hosting
  • No storage limits
  • Distribution to Apple, Google, Spotify, and more
  • Access to basic analytics
  • Ability to monetize
  • Ability to record with friends and guests

Here's a breakdown of the topics:

  • The Introduction - What You Will Learn
  • How to Download Anchor
  • Your Profile Settings
  • How to Record Your First Segment
  • How to Make Edits
  • How to Import Audio
  • Distribution
  • Monetization

Is This Course for You? 

The answer is yes, if the following sums you up:

  • You are a beginner podcaster.
  • You don’t have a lot of equipment but you do own a smartphone.
  • You don’t have a lot of time to develop your podcast right now.
  • You’re not even sure that you want to have a podcast.
  • You’re not interested in having to do a lot of research about making and distributing a podcast.
  • You want to be able to take a few creative liberties with your podcast (i.e. add background music).
  • You want to be able to distribute your podcast to multiple platforms in an easy way.
  • You want to be able to monetize your podcast.
  • You’re comfortable using smartphone apps and some of the technology on your phone.


But, maybe you’re a current podcaster looking to switch to something simpler and less costly. You might even have heard about Anchor App for podcasting, and you want to know more. Well, then you’ve come to the right place.


The course project

For your project, you'll create an episode using the Anchor App.

This will include the following:

  • Downloading the app
  • Naming your podcast
  • Creating a description
  • Recording an episode

You do not have to publish the episode.

Take a picture of your episode with your phone to share it with the class as your class project.

9 Lessons

4 mins
Anchor Podcast Course Introduction
free preview
2 mins
Download the Anchor App
free preview
3 mins
Introduction to the Anchor App Settings
4 mins
How to Record
2 mins
Learn Editing Options
2 mins
Monetization on the Anchor App
2 mins
Anchor Podcast Distribution
2 mins
Additional Features of the App
2 mins
Wrapping Up the Course

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