How To Think and Use Your Mind

——   Created by Zsuzsanna Fajcsak

How to create a razor sharp mind, build powerful focus, create and manifest anything in life- it all begins in your mind

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Is your mind all over the place and unable to focus?

Do you make mistakes over and over again?

Do you catch yourself day-dreaming a lot instead of able to focus on your work?

Would you like to stop creating misery inside you and make the shift in your thinking and inner life to experience superior focus, inner peace and happiness?

Imagine how your life would be if you had time for everything you wanted to?

Imagine how your life would be if you can live calmly, patiently and no need to use destructive anger?

What if you could turn your focus all into empowerment and live the life you always wanted?

What if you could be your own friend and stop expecting others to love you or do anything for you, as it all will be coming with the free flow?

If yes, this course is for you.

Enjoy the step by step process discovering your own mind right now, learn from it. 

Make the shift in your focus to live your life in superior health, wealth and happiness.

All these are within this course, jammed packed with goodness for you.

Now its all your turn to do it.. Right now!! Its your life, you only live once. Create and manifest all the bests you deserve...

See you on the course:)

Blessing love and light

-Dr Zsu

13 Lessons

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Understand your mind right now
Why Can’t You Use Your Mind Now?
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What Does “Conditioned Mind” Means?
What Are the Prerequisites To Use Your Mind?
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Why Do You Need To Live in the Present Moment?
How To Practice the Present During the Day?
What Are You Reacting to Positively or Negatively and Why?
Why Do You Need To Understand Yourself?
What Are Things and Feelings in Life Serving You With?
Making the change
How Can You Shift Your Focus
How Can You Use Your Mind To Do What You Want?
Why and How To Rise Above
Should You Listen to Your Mind or Heart?
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About the instructor

As a “change maker” Dr Zsu works on 3 areas:

1. Health/lifestyle

2. Coaching/Inspiration

3. Education via mobile phone

Zsuzsanna has been schooled in Europe and the USA, and holds a Doctoral degree in Nutrition, as well as Master’s degrees in Teaching Physical Education, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Nutrition. Zsuzsanna …

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