How To Unleash Your Tarot Card Reading Superpower

——   Created by Stevie Levar Coard

In this course you will learn how to connect your intuition to enhance your tarot card reading experience.

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Unleash Your Tarot Card Reading Superpower


How To Unleash Your Tarot Card Reading Superpower

Have you ever looked at your tarot spread and didn't know what energy was in front of you?

This class was created with you in mind.

Why should you enroll in this course:

You should enroll in this course if you want to take your tarot card reading skills to the next level. If you've ever tried to perform a tarot card reading for yourself or others and second-guessed your abilities to read. This course will also teach you how to care for your cards to developing your own personalized reading style. The core of this class is to help tap Into your superpower, your intuition and be able to use it to develop your own style of reading.

What you will learn in this course:

In this course, you will learn the skills needed to become a professional working tarot reader.

This course has 15 video lessons ranging from Ethical practices to How To Read Card Pairs On Sight to tell the story to the client.

Why this course is so important to anyone who is looking to become a professional full-time tarot card worker:

I know what it's like to become a tarot card reader full time. It's lonely and low cash at hand business to start out because you're just learning your cards and how to connect to them. Once you've connected to your cards and you begin to work with clients you may look at your tarot card spreads with confusion and doubt. This fear and doubt can cause you a great disservice to your business and I want to be able to help you to get rid of this stress and anxiety and look at your tarot card layouts in a different way. I will help open up all of the information you will need to unlock the confusion with telling the story of the tarot cards.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to teaching you all of my secrets of the tarot.

13 Lessons

Taking Care of Your Work Tool
Spiritual Acension and What It Feels Like
Tarot Card Ethics and Why’s It’s So Important
Develop a Calling Card
You’re the Messenger Now
Unboxing A Tarot Deck For Your Tarot Readings
Figuring Out A New Deck
How To Incorporate ORACLE CARDS Into Any Readings
How To Read Card Pairs On Sight
How To Incorporate Life Coaching Into Any Readings
No, Is a Complete Sentence
Thank You
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One of the leading certified professional Atlanta Tarot readers & Tarot educators, Steven “ Stevie” Levar-Coard has built his career by creating content across multiple platforms to educate and empower people to take action in their lives. Stevie has helped to inspire and teach Tarot cards to millions of people …

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