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How To Win Jobs Freelancing On UpWork (Freelance Client Mastery)

——   Created by John Shea

Learn how to create an awesome profile that helps you land lots of jobs as a freelancer

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More about this course

If you have ever considered offering your skills as a freelancer than this course is for you!

I'm going to walk you through how to successfully setup a profile and apply to freelance jobs using a platform called UpWork.

UpWork is one of the largest freelancing sites online where thousands of new jobs are posted every month.

In this course you will learn:

  • What UpWork is
  • How to setup an awesome profile on UpWork
  • How to apply to jobs on UpWork and stand out from the competition
  • Make your skills shine with UpWork tests
  • Start earning as a freelancer in your free time

The ultimate goal of this course will be to earn your top rated badge and make your first $1k freelancing on UpWork. Once you reach this milestone you will start getting a ton of job invites on the platform!

22 Lessons

2 mins
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6 mins
Upwork Introduction
free preview
3 mins
Your Tagline
2 mins
Your Intro video
5 mins
Upwork Overview
5 mins
Upwork Portfolio
3 mins
Your Profile Keywords
5 mins
Adding Profile Categories and Experience
6 mins
6 mins
Certifications - Work History and Other Experience
5 mins
Pricing Perception
3 mins
Your Availability
17 mins
Submitting Proposals
5 mins
Speed and Proposal Tips
4 mins
Freelancer Plus
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I run the online blog No Shame Income where I share what's working for me in the world of online marketing. I started learning about online …

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