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How to Write an Award-Winning SF Short Story

——   Created by Harry Dewulf

Strategy and technique for writing the right story, entering and winning the award.

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There are two big take-aways in this course:

  1. The strategy for entering and winning writing competitions and awards in general
  2. A technique for conception and development of a powerful science fiction story

By combining the two, you have can learn a complete process to win an award for an SF short story, but...

Ha! When isn't there a 'but'?

Look - my main aim as a writing coach is never to try to tell you some quick route to success. My main aim is always to teach you how to become a better writer; to guide you towards mastering your art. If you've done any of my other courses, you'll know that there's going to be some difficult concepts and some hard work for you to do.

And - of course, no one can promise you success in an award or a competition, any more than anyone can promise you success in writing. But there's a lot you can do to greatly improve your chances.

And most of all, if you write the kind of short stories that I'm teaching you to write, you can use them to get attention - from new readers, from agents, from commissioning editors, from periodicals. Great short stories are both an education in themselves, and a powerful marketing tool.

So I hope you'll put in the hard work, and I hope you'll let me know how you get on.


  • You need to know the basics of writing fiction

8 Lessons

3 mins
7 mins
How To Conceive Your Story
8 mins
The Story Framework
8 mins
The Qualities of an Award-Winning Short Story
10 mins
The Writing Process
6 mins
How to Win an Award
10 mins
Types of Science Fiction
4 mins
Conclusion and Further Information

About the instructor

Harry Dewulf
Harry Dewulf
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I've spent the last 10 years working with authors to get their books ready for publication, and then getting them published in the new e-book/e-reader/print-on-demand market. …

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