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How to Write Case Studies That Are Actually Good

——   Created by Allan Maule

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Case studies are the bread-and-butter of B2B content writing. Whether you work at a small agency or a Fortune 500 company, your organization uses case studies to show off your work to future customers.

Here’s the problem: Most case studies are not good. They’re forgettable at best and embarrassing at worst. Why? Because they don’t tell relevant, emotional, or meaningful stories. And as you compete to win the business of top clients, you can’t afford to write boring, forgettable case studies. You need to write case studies that are actually good.

My name is Allan Maule, and I’ve been a digital content writer for more than 12 years. I’ve written for brands like IBM, GE, Citrix, LinkedIn, Facebook, DuPont, Eaton, and MTV. One of my professional passions is writing exceptional case studies, and that’s why I built this class.

This course is for writers and marketers who want to take their case studies writing to the next level. We’ll look at storytelling methods like character, conflict, and theme to create case studies that your reader won’t soon forget. Together we’ll work on a case study for your business using these new methods, so by the end of the course you’ll have a case study draft that’s actually good—and ready for your client’s approval.

The course project

Over the course of this class, we’re going to write a case study together. Each lesson in will include an exercise designed to help you create a true, compelling case study story. These exercises are individual steps to writing and competing a case study that is actually good. So by the end, you’ll have a great case study that is ready to be shared with your client for approval.

We’ll start with collecting examples of case studies you admire, then go onto the basics of how to write a simple, effective story. Once you have the basics down, we’ll move on to adding rich story elements that will make your case study engaging and unforgettable. We’ll even talk about how to write an effective case study when you don’t have a real customer yet.

I recommend you use this class project to write a real case study that you’ll use to market to customers. That way you can practice what you learn in my class, then have a completed case study that will help your business instead of just a fictional exercise. Thanks for taking my class, and I can’t wait to see your work!

10 Lessons

2 mins
Intro: How to Write Case Studies
2 mins
Class Project: Writing a Case Study That Is Actually Good
6 mins
What Is a Case Study?
7 mins
Writing Quick & Simple Case Studies
6 mins
Why Case Studies Need Story
7 mins
Adding Character to Case Study Stories
8 mins
Adding Conflict to Case Study Stories
6 mins
Adding Theme to Case Study Stories
4 mins
How to Write a Case Study Without a Real Customer
1 min
Congratulations on Your Case Study!

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Allan Maule
Allan Maule
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I am a digital content writer with more than 12 years of experience in interactive media, multi-channel content marketing, video games, and scriptwriting. I’ve written …

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