How to Write Cozy Mysteries

——   Created by Harry Dewulf

Mystery writing requires compelling mysteries. A light, gentle touch is the best way to reveal the darkness beneath.

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"Mystery writing can be summed up as starting with the discovery that something is lost or that something is found; usually what's lost is a life and what's found is a corpse."

Cozy Mysteries are the ones where there's a body (usually in a library), a small group of suspects, each of whom has something to gain or something to lose, and a great detective who, by chance or by design, is there to solve the conundrum of... Whodunnit?

Of course, today, writers are more diverse, and that once dominant format has flourished into wild variety. But underneath, it feeds the same appetites: for mystery, for suspense, for danger... but without the need for terror, gore, or pessimism.

The cozy mystery is a special balancing act that forces the author to get really good at mystery - because the shock tactics of horror and the adrenaline of thriller is not available.

This is a course designed to teach some of the core principles of storytelling, and teach you to focus on creating and delivering a strong mystery, by teaching you how to write a Cozy Mystery.

In this course you will learn:

  • What makes a Cozy cozy
  • The basic structure of a cozy
  • The various types and styles, and
  • How to put the types and styles into practice
  • How to build stories around "Revelation" in a way that will satisfy readers
  • ... and be sure your story is classified as a Cozy Mystery, so that everyone who loves the genre will buy your book.


  • You should be able to both write and read in English!
  • You should know the basics of writing a story.
  • It will help you if you have already written at least one full-length novel, but it is not essential

9 Lessons

What Makes A Cozy Mystery
Three Approaches to Plot
Mystery Story and Discovery Story
The Main Story
Cozy Characters
Cozy Styles
Conclusion: A Successful Recipe
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I've spent the last 10 years working with authors to get their books ready for publication, and then getting them published in the new e-book/e-reader/print-on-demand market. Some of my authors have gone on to get publishing contracts, and others are both traditionally and self published, including multi-award-winner Kary English. My regular …

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