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High Performance Linux for University Students

——   Created by Scientific Programming School

This course is for the research students and PhD graduates who want to add Linux into their bag of tricks.

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More about this course

High Performance Linux for University Students. This first of its kind course is for the research students and PhD graduates who wants to add Linux into their bag of tricks. Linux has already captured a huge percentage of the server market and it is the most dominant player there. As Linux is getting more and more famous lots of distros are being developed to enhance the desktop support for Linux. Below are the four main categories of students would be benefitted from this course

  • Students who are studying Social Sciences such as Economics, Business etc, who need an open-source & stable operating system to do their homework, assignments, and projects in
  • Students who are studying Arts who need an operating system to do their creative work in
  • Students who are studying Engineering & Technology who need a good operating system with support for the latest tools they might need for their projects
  • Students who are studying Natural Sciences who need a customizable operating system to run their experiments in

The goal main of this course is to introduce the university RHD students with the Linux HPC systems and its software stack. HPC is cluster of computers joins computational powers of the compute nodes to provide a more combined computational power. Linux is commonly used on the HPC systems

You will learn

  • Linux Foundations
  • Linux HPC clusters computers and is benefits, Supercomputing history and examples.
  • Components of a High Performance Systems (HPC) cluster,
  • Introduction to PBS, PBS basic commands, PBS `qsub`, PBS `qstat`, PBS `qdel` command, PBS `qalter`, PBS job states, PBS variables, PBS interactive jobs, PBS arrays, PBS Matlatb example
  • Introduction to Slurm, Slurm commands, A simple Slurm job, Slurm distrbuted MPI and GPU jobs, Slurm multi-threaded OpenMP jobs, Slurm interactive jobs, Slurm array jobs, Slurm job dependencies.

Let us go ahead and figure out Linux can match your needs!

The course project

Create a Demo HPC system with Bright Cluster Manager and VMWare/ Virtual Machines (See details in the bonus lectures).

17 Lessons

4 mins
Linux Command-Line
free preview
3 mins
What is High Performance Computing?
1 min
High Performance Computing
4 mins
High Performance Computing and Linux
5 mins
5 mins
Benefits of HPC and Linux
free preview
3 mins
Concepts of HPC Jobs
2 mins
Concepts of HPC Job Schedulers
3 mins
Job Scheduler: Slurm commands
2 mins
Slurm commands Examples
3 mins
Slurm Commands Demonstration on Linux
2 mins
Job Scheduler: PBS commands
2 mins
PBS Scripts Example
3 mins
Load HPC Software Modules on Linux
5 mins
Bonus! Create a HPC Demo with VMWare
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The Scientific Programming School is an awesome e-education initiative to provide professional training and practice courses for Scientific Coding, Linux, and Big Data. Scientific Programming …

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