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HTML 101

——   Created by Kalob Taulien

Learn HTML web development from scratch

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Welcome to HTML 101: An introduction to web development for complete beginners.

If you have never written any website code, this is the course for you. Every website uses HTML and it's a vital skill to know as a web developer. 

This course is designed for absolute beginners who have never written any code before!

Luckily, learning HTML is simple! In this brief course, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about HTML and provide you with the skill you need to continue learning more advanced HTML (or if you wanted to learn on your own). 

We'll first get started by downloading VS Code, a text editing program used for coding. Then we'll take a look at what HTML syntax looks like so you can prepare to learn on your own eventually. 

After all that we'll dive right into HTML and learn about the base page structure, page titles, paragraphs and headings, blocks vs inline elements, creating links to other pages, adding images, HTML lists, how to view website source code, how to see what the browser sees.

Lastly, we'll take a peek into the world of CSS and JavaScript

There are mini-tasks throughout the course as well for hands-on experience. And the final project includes creating your own profile page using just HTML. 

Common Myths:

People say, "you need to learn JavaScript first" — that's a myth because JavaScript requires HTML knowledge. 

People say, "learn CSS at the same time" — that's a myth because CSS is huge and can take a month to learn. Learning HTML by itself should only take a few days. 

People say, "I'm too old to learn to code" — that's a myth because I've seen dozens of seniors learn to code and land amazing jobs working part-time and contracting. 

People say, "you need to be smart to learn to code" — that's a myth because coding is like a skilled trade, you learn the tips and tricks as you practice and get better over time. 


The course project

Your final project is to create a profile page using just HTML. You'll add a title, subtitle, image, paragraph, and a link to your favorite social media profile.

Below is an example of what your final page could look like (and it won't take more than 15 minutes to create)

Don't forget to download the Course Files and share your project at the end!

24 Lessons

2 mins
Course introduction
free preview
2 mins
What is html
free preview
2 mins
Getting setup
free preview
6 mins
Html syntax
free preview
5 mins
The base structure
3 mins
Page titles
4 mins
Paragraphs and headings
5 mins
Whitespace doesnt matter
6 mins
Nesting html elements
6 mins
Bold italics and underline
4 mins
The div element
4 mins
Block elements vs inline elements
8 mins
Linking to other pages
2 mins
Opening links in new windows
7 mins
Adding images
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