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HVAC Career Success : Plan Your HVAC Career with this Course

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HVAC Career Exploration , HVAC Professionals Salary Ranges , HVAC Career Path Progression and HVAC Industries to Work in

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The HVAC field is surely a broad and confusing field since it is too Dynamic. Where to start? What is HVAC? What do you in such a Field? How much Can you earn from working in it? These are a couple questions that every professional considering a career in the HVAC field would be asking.

This Course will answer many of those questions and cover extensive details from within the field that will help you do the following:

  • Understand the field of HVAC
  • Learn about the different applications of such a field
  • What you need to have in order to enter the industry
  • The various roles that could be covered as an HVAC professional in multiple industries
  • The potential Career Paths for HVAC professionals
  • The salary ranges based on experience level and geographic location
  • Save time from experimenting in the field of HVAC
  • Discover which area of the HVAC industry that suits your profile

Most Importantly this course will allow you to understand and comprehend the various roles that HVAC professionals could fill in various industries and how are they interlinked which will surely help you develop a better understanding of the profession in the HVAC field.

The Course is designed and taught by a Project Manager who worked in the field of HVAC extensively covering various industries that span over Construction , Oil& Gas , Maintenance and Facility Management thus you are learning straight from teachers who actually worked in the field and are providing quality information based on valuable experience

8 Lessons

5 mins
A Career in the HVAC Industry
4 mins
HVAC Explained
7 mins
Areas of Application
6 mins
Field Pre-Requisites
8 mins
Industries and Practices
28 mins
HVAC Roles in the Field
17 mins
Salary Expectations
13 mins
Career Growth and Potential

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ExpertEase  Education

ExpertEase is a one of a kind academy that bridges the gap between the theoretical studies and the field application where our instructors are: Actual …

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