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HVAC Systems Intro: Start your HVAC Career here

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HVAC systems explained in a simplistic Manner for HVAC professionals

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In this course we will classify the various types of HVAC systems in addition to listing and explaining the various types within each criteria. This course is a great starting point for anyone who is keen to improve their HVAC knowledge and enhance their understanding of the various types of the HVAC systems which are present in todays market.

If you want to develop a general understanding of the various types of HVAC systems out there then this course is a MUST. We will cover the various options of HVAC systems that are heavily used in todays industry , instead of providing theoretical information that is far from the practice we will be sharing information based on the expertise straight from the field of HVAC.

The course serves as an introductory level Course for upcoming HVAC professionals or anyone who is interested in enhancing their HVAC knowledge based on field expertise.

The course is taught by an HVAC professional with extensive knowledge in the field in addition to being a lecturer and a certified educator ;Hence you are receiving quality educational material which is delivered in an excellent manner!

Our courses are highly reviewed by thousands of students and our track record of educational excellence allows us to provide premium educational experience to our students that will surely transform them at an educational and professional context.

11 Lessons

2 mins
Introduction and Objectives
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The Basics of HVAC Systems
4 mins
The Basics of HVAC Systems
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Classification of HVAC Systems
1 min
HVAC Systems Classification
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Centralized and Decentralized HVAC systems
10 mins
The Centralized and Decentralized HVAC systems
Types of Decentralized HVAC systems
4 mins
Type 1
6 mins
Type 2
7 mins
Type 3
11 mins
Type 4
Types of Centralized HVAC Systems
16 mins
Type 1
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