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Internal Combustion Engines - IC Engines

——   Created by J Aatish Rao

Pioneering topic of mechanical/automobile engineering - A fundamental approach.

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This course covers in details about IC engines,its main components,Valve timing diagrams,4-stroke & 2-stroke engines,Actuator indicator diagrams,Scavenging,Detonation,Fuel ignition system,Injection system & many more.

PS - This course is from my earlier days of teaching. The sound quality, my accent and presentation are gonna be comparatively lower as compared to my latest courses.

22 Lessons

7 mins
Introduction & Classification of I.C.Engines
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9 mins
Main Components of I.C.engines
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9 mins
Valve timing diagrams
7 mins
Sequence of operation
Four stroke cycle IC engines
9 mins
4 stroke cycle petrol engine
7 mins
Actual Indicator diagram for 4 stroke cycle petrol engine
7 mins
Valve timing diagram for 4 stroke cycle petrol engine
9 mins
4 Stroke cycle diesel engine
6 mins
Actual indicator diagram for 4 Stroke cycle diesel engine
8 mins
Valve timing diagram for 4 Stroke cycle diesel engine
10 mins
Petrol & Diesel engine comparison
Two stroke cycle IC engines.
6 mins
Two stroke cycle petrol engine
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J Aatish Rao
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A dynamic team spirited mechanical engineering professional having 8+ years of industrial exposure. Certified to provide training on various software, science & engineering related topics. …

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