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ICON DESIGN: Use the golden ratio to create striking icon sets

——   Created by Brian White

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Want your icons to look great and read quickly? Join award winning designer Brian White as he walks you through his process to quickly create professional icon sets that match and work as a system. By taking the guess work out of spacing and sizing this class will show you how to quickly create usable icon sets.  Come along and see how Brian creates a simple rotation icon with similar spacing to a heart as well as a more detailed icon, the book. Lastly take a sneak peek into the deconstruction of a more advanced organic shape icon, the fire. 

This class is for both beginners getting started in illustrator and Intermediate students wanting to gain tips and tricks for quickly speeding up their icon spacing and building process. 


What this class tackles:

1. Setup of a golden ratio spacing ruler and menu to quickly use for spacing and elements for your icons. 

2. How to build a precise heart icon using the golden ratio method.

3. How to build a rotation icon using the golden ratio method. How to watch for consistent spacing in your family icon set. 

4. How to build a book icon using the golden ratio method. 

5. Deconstructing a fire icon and utilizing the golden ration curves for more organic icons.

Build your own icon and share it with the group! I'd love it if you can show what ratio spacing you used and how you came about your icons. 


Want to jump into more organic shapes and build an advanced 9 icon set for a brand? Join Brian as he takes the advanced class (coming soon) into more advanced spacing with the golden ratio and brings sketches to polished icons. 


The course project

Build your own icon using the golden ratio system and share it with the class! 

Follow Brian's process to design an icon or an icon set of your liking. It doesn't matter if you are designing for a large company or just for fun, use the project space to share your progress. 

Some questions to look at during your build:

  • What scale did you use as your base set of spacers?
  • What spacing did you use based on your stroke thickness? 
  • What's the personality of my icon set?

Wherever you are in the process, share your sketches, and questions here. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 



5 Lessons

4 mins
Setup and Golden Ratio Cheat Sheet
6 mins
Building a Heart Icon
10 mins
Building a Rotate Icon and Spacing Tips and Tricks
14 mins
Building a Book Icon
6 mins
Deconstruction of the Fire Icon and More

About the instructor

Brian  White
Brian White
  • 5 courses

Brian is the creative director of Brian White Design in Lawrence. He directs the studio’s strategic and creative growth while also serving as senior designer …

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