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Identify Market Trends You Can Capitalize On

——   Created by Entrepreneur NOW, and Ken Burke

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A nascent trend can be wind in the sails of your company. Identifying trends that are relevant to your business, while steering clear of fads, convinces investors that you’ve done your research. And for your business, catching a trend on its upward swing can speed time to profitability. 

This course not only identifies specific trends to watch, but points you to definitive sources for uncovering the up-and-coming trends that are most relevant to your business.

You will learn:

  • What is a trend, and how is it different from a fad?
  • Why do fads make for a shaky business foundation?
  • Where can I research trends for my industry?
  • What are the mega-trends affecting global business today?
  • How can I identify trends that impact my business, and determine which are important?

11 Lessons

4 mins
Market Trends Explained
free preview
6 mins
Trends versus Fads
free preview
2 mins
Trend Spotting
5 mins
5 mins
Popular Trends in Common Industries
7 mins
Trend Drivers
3 mins
Researching Trends
4 mins
Step 1: Create a List of Trends
2 mins
Step 2: Rate the Importance Level of Trends
2 mins
Step 3: Evaluate the Trends
2 mins
Workshop - Market Trends in Action

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