Impactful Storytelling - With Stock Footage, Voiceover and Music

——   Created by Johannes Tvedt

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More about this course

Welcome to the class where you will learn how you can create your own impactful message without needing to go out and shoot the content by yourself. 

Learn how to use stock footage combined with a good written story, a voiceover and a breathtaking song to create the message you want to tell. 

In the end you will end up producing your own short video based on the steps I will be taking you thru. 

Ill be going thru sections like these:

1. Finding the right topic.

2. Writing your message

3. Recording your own voiceover

4. Choosing the right stock footage

5. Timeline production


The course project

1. Find a topic.

Find a topic you want to make a story around. For example a prodcut or something you love. Let it make you happy to work with this project.

2. Write the story/message.

Use your writing skills to write a story around the topic you’ve been choosing. It can be a product, some passion you have or something your interested in. Dont let the totalt length of the message last more then in total 45-60 seconds when your read them for yourself with normal breaks.

3. Record your story.

Now go back again and record your voice telling the story in a empathetic way. Then after having all these things ready find a song that you also feel relates to the feeling you want to create in the story and your ready to editing. 

 4. Find the right stock footage.

After that take the words in your story that has the most impact and search thru them on a stock platform (storyblocks) Then you will get a lot of clips to choose form. Pick wisely what you feel are the best ones for your story. 

Line up your story (voiceover) in the timeline in your edit program. Then insert the song in the timeline as well with a slightly lower volume in the background in listen to your 60 second story with the music at least 3 times. Now you can imagine the clips you want to put in to your timeline based on the story and you can pick them from the clips you already downloaded. Make sure to insert a new clip when you feel it makes sense to insert it. Boom. You have you own story, with your own voiceover followed up by stock footage clips.


Looking forward to see different projects in here :)

11 Lessons

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The Project
free preview
Choosing the Right Topic
free preview
The Power of a Good Story
free preview
Writing Down the Story
Empowering Voiceover Production
Finding Stock Footage
The Importance of Music
Timeline Production
My Storytelling Project
Final Thoughts
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About the instructor

HI :)

My name is Johannes Tvedt. I am half Norwegian and half Colombian and I am 29 years old. Being from 2 totally different countries makes me adapt to all kind of cultures. 

During my last 10 years I've bee working with my own project together with my friends. …

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