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Impressionistic Rose Watercolor Painting for Beginners

——   Created by Michelle Gonzalez

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1h 13m
Lesson time
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More about this course

The Rose is one of the most loved subjects among watercolor artists, regardless of skill level. Unfortunately, this lovely flower is not very easy to sketch or paint. This is why I have decided to create beginner friendly lessons to help those who are struggling to master painting the Rose. I know how frustrating it can get to want to paint something, struggle with the process, and even end up with an artwork that you are not happy with. With this class, I aim to show you a simpler way to draw and paint, so you can enjoy the process and feel happy with your completed artwork.

The course project

In this class, you will learn how to easily draw a Rose outline and add the right colors to create an interesting impressionistic artwork that evoke light and shadows. All the lessons in this class are filmed in real time so you can follow along. 

After watching this class, you will be able to sketch and paint the Rose with more ease, as I share my process for creating a lovely Rose outline and painting techniques that you will find very enjoyable. I encourage you to ask questions, if you have any, in the Discussion section and also share your finished artwork in the Project section so I may provide feedback :)

14 Lessons

1 min
Course introduction
free preview
1 min
free preview
4 mins
Choosing an image
free preview
11 mins
Practice sketch part 1
4 mins
Practice sketch part 2
13 mins
Light sketch on watercolor paper
8 mins
Painting the background
9 mins
Painting the petals light values
4 mins
Sepal stem and leaves base color
11 mins
Painting the petals darker tones
7 mins
Sepal stem and leaves negative painting
3 mins
Sepal stem and leaves adding darker tones
3 mins
Painting the petals shadows
1 min
Thank you!

About the instructor

It you!

Hello, I'm Michelle, also known as @brushstrokesbymichelle on Instagram, and I am a watercolor artist and teacher from Manila, Philippines. 

I started pursuing my artistic passion …

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