Improve your Lettering & Get Noticed Online

——   Created by Carlos Castillo

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Learn how to take your lettering game to a whole new level and catch people's attention online during the process. This class is based on lettering skills, but the concepts and tips apply to all kinds of creative people who want to become better at their craft and want more people to follow along on their journey.

The course project

Your project is all about commitment, because I believe in you, and you should as well. Your deliverables will be 7 screenshots of posts of your own work that you shared on your social media (use this hashtag so I can like and repost ❤️ #MyFirstWeekSharing)

I'll be checking up on your projects regularly to see if you took it further into a 30 days project or maybe even a 365!

5 Lessons

Course introduction
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Make your lettinging stand out
How to stay motivated
How to get noticed online
Class project
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About the instructor

¡Hola! I'm is Carlos Castillo, but everyone calls me Chuck. I'm a graphic designer & brush calligraphy artist living in Cancún, México. I'm creative, expeditious, witty, proactive and an idealistic optimist. I enjoy solving problems practically and conveying ideas through visual media, especially through lettering, food and watercolours. 

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