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Improve Your Video Editing Skills in Adobe Premiere Pro

——   Created by Adam Chraibi

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2h 25m
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Do you want to learn how to make creative and professional edits in Premiere Pro? then you are in the right place.

Hello everyone my name is Adam professional designer and video editor and, in this course, I’ll be teaching you guys professional video editing tips and tricks in Adobe Premiere Pro.


So here Is what you going to learn:

  • You will start by learning couple hacks to make Premier Pro run faster
  • How to work with proxies for a smoother playback
  • Different cutting techniques like the L cut J cut and action cut to take your edits to the next level
  • My 16 personal video editing tips for a smoother workflow
  • How to work with keyframes to create beautiful and creative text animations
  • Creative video effects like giving your videos a comic book look and the prism effect
  • Different ways to work with mask like removing objects and adding depth to your text
  • Last but not least you will learn how to work with frame rates to make professional speed ramping and much more...

So, this course is not for absolute beginners you should have a basic knowledge of the software or at least be familiar with it.

You will need of course Adobe Premiere Pro (latest version) and Adobe Audition (latest version) just for one lecture.

This course will also be updated whenever I learn a new trick and whenever there is major software update.

I believe in learn by doing so in every lecture you are going to be busy doing or creating something that you can post as class project, and of course there are 2 final class projects that you need to complete to test your knowledge.

The course project

Download files click here.

Class project 

I Understand that every lecture is a project but there are 2 final creative class projects I need you to do after you finish the course the make sure you understood everything.

Class Project 1: Speed ramping with video effects

  • Import you video to a 23.976 fps sequence
  • Apply any effect you want to the part of the video you want to speed ramp
  • Render the video
  • Import it back
  • Apply speed ramp to the part with the effect just how you learned from the class
  • Render and enjoy your edit

Class project 2: Matching cuts

  • Film yourself jumping with different T-shirt try more than I did like 3 or 4
  • Import you video to your computer then Premiere Pro
  • Make matching cuts
  • Try to synchronize a beat with the cuts
  • Render using the settings we talked about.

Make sure you upload your work.

15 Lessons

3 mins
Course Introduction
free preview
7 mins
Tips to Make Adobe Premiere Pro run Faster
free preview
5 mins
Working with Proxies
16 mins
Professional Video Editing Tips
12 mins
Professional Video editing Tips Part 2
16 mins
Different Cuts Techniques
7 mins
Animating with Keyframes
19 mins
Creative Text Animations in Premiere Pro
11 mins
Text Animations-Neon and Underwater
9 mins
Text Animations- Typewriter and Write-on
14 mins
Creative Video Effects in Premiere Pro
13 mins
Creative Masking Techniques in Premiere Pro
7 mins
Frame Rate Explained
8 mins
Speed Ramp Time Remapping
7 mins
My Best Export Settings
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