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inDesign Building Blocks

——   Created by Framework Tech Media

Learn Adobe's Premier Page Layout Tool By Creating Projects from Business Cards to Multipage Catalogs

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2h 49m
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If this isn't the best inDesign course you've taken on Arbington, I want you to exercise the refund option and get your money back.

Period. End of story.

We put together a course that's not only GUARANTEED to teach you crucial digital design skills with InDesign but, will also be a lot of fun. First, Kirsten Rourke, your instructor is as experienced as they come. She's been working with Adobe software since the first versions of Photoshop and Indesign. (Kirsten isn't old. She prefers to say, "seasoned!")

Kirsten doesn't just know her stuff, but she knows how to present it in a memorable, exciting way. That's why this course is project oriented. In each section of the course, you won't just be learning valuable inDesign skills, but also completing exciting projects. As you become more skilled with the InDesign software, you'll create more and more complex projects from business cards to FAQ sheets, to trifold brochures and catalogs.

Before you know it, you'll be the InDesign expert!

Here's the thing: This course is for beginners, but it's also comprehensive. So if you want a full introduction to the InDesign software, Kirsten reviews every feature you're ever likely to need. But she does start at the beginning, so you can be successful in this course even if you have no experience at all.

We've purposely dispensed with any fluff in this course. We want every minute you spend with Kirsten to be a valuable learning experience. You'll be able to immediately apply the digital design skills you learn with InDesign to your work.

Each video includes step-by-step written instructions which will show you how to create each project that Kirsten does. We even include all of the images and other assets you need. And you're free to use the projects included as templates for producing your own work.

You should enroll in InDesign Building Blocks now-- the best way to learn Adobe InDesign. It's guaranteed!

10 Lessons

18 mins
Business Card Project
21 mins
Save the Date Card Project
20 mins
Handout Project
18 mins
FAQ Page Project
16 mins
Price Sheet Project
16 mins
Page Numbers and Headers
19 mins
Page Numbers and Headers
18 mins
Newsletter Project
16 mins
Trifold Brochure Project
12 mins
Catalog Project

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