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Intermittent Fasting and weight loss

——   Created by Jules Allen-Rowland

How to lose weight while you sleep

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Losing weight in a world where there are convenience food stores on every corner and life is frantic, with little time to prepare healthy food, makes success almost impossible.

But what if we could lose weight while we sleep? Well… we can… with the wonderful tool called intermittent fasting.

Learning exactly how intermittent fasting leads to successful weight loss is the purpose of this course. Plus, you will learn what happens in the cells, and what options you may have to use this approach to suit your lifestyle.

Successful eating to lose weight… (you notice I do not say dieting?) can be manipulated with some tweaking, and intermittent fasting is one of those tweaks. Deigned to fall primarily over the time you are sleeping, intermittent fasting will reduce the discomfort you may feel with regular fasting, and yet weight can still be lost. Plus, you should feel better, with more energy, as you progress.

Explaining the details of AMPK and MTor, will help you understand and stick to your resolve to become a new you… with the resultant body to go with it.

What does it mean to ‘intermittent fast’?

Types of fasting

Benefits of fasting; Autophagy and AMPK

How to maximise fat burn; Healthy mitochondria

Intermittent fasting versus calorie cutting; differences

What goes on inside the cell that leads to weight loss

Effects of stress and weight gain

How to break the fast: What to eat

The Fasting Mimicking Diet

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone overweight
  • Anyone with a familial history of diabetes of cardiovascular disease

20 Lessons

Intermittent Fasting. Lose weight while you sleep
2 mins
Introduction, lecturer qualifications and Disclaimer.
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5 mins
Who will benefit and more about Functional Medicine
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3 mins
Types of fasting
3 mins
Benefits of Fasting
6 mins
Importance of mitochondria in weight loss
6 mins
Insulin and its role in weight gain
3 mins
Summary of insulin impact
6 mins
Steps to take. First few lifestyle changes to prepare the body for weight loss
7 mins
How to go about this. Is snacking allowed?
7 mins
Possible challenges and some points for success
6 mins
What is autophagy and how does it benefit weight loss and health
3 mins
Autophagy and AMPK in weight loss
2 mins
MTor. Its role in post- fasting rebuilding
4 mins
Types of intermittent fasting and the Fasting Mimicking Diet
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