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Intro to Cold Wax and Oil Paint Abstracts

——   Created by Denise Love

Creating abstract art mixing oil paint & cold wax

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In this class, we will be taking a deep dive into the world of oil paint and cold wax. I'll be showing you the supplies I use, a variety of projects to get you inspired, and we'll talk about how you finish up these types of pieces for display. Using oil paint mixed in with cold wax has been one of my favorite techniques for several years now. I love how thick and creamy the paint mixture is, I love that it is a matte finish and that it dries much faster than typical oil paint. It is a yummy mixture that spreads on like frosting and lets you get creative with the tools you use to apply it.

This class is for you if:

  • You love learning new techniques for your art
  • You are interested in abstract painting
  • You love experimenting with art supplies
  • You love watching how others approach their painting practice

Supplies: I encourage you to use some of your favorite colors to do these projects. Get outside your comfort zone and experiment with colors. You don't need a lot of colors to start out with and if you enjoy color mixing - then you might just get a starter kit of colors and mix your own. I'm using a variety of colors and brands in class. I'd recommend you choose brands you can afford and some colors you like.

  • Arches oil paper - this is the paper I use for all of my oil paint and cold wax pieces. If you choose to go with a different paper - like watercolor paper for instance - just keep in mind that you will need to prime that surface before it can be used for oil paints.
  • Cradled board if you want to do some pieces on board. I don't recommend canvas for doing these as the wax mixture could possibly crack later on as the canvas is still pliable and the wax is stiff paint mixture is stiff.
  • Silicone bowl scrapers. I like the Messermeister silicone bowl scraper you get from amazon or kitchen supply stores the best. I also like the Catalyst silicone scrapers you can find at the art store.
  • Palette knives - we'll use these a lot. I have some plastic ones and some metal ones.
  • A variety of oil paints - choose colors you love in a brand you can afford. No need to have too many colors to get started.
  • Gamblin Cold Wax Medium - this is the cold wax brand I am using in class. There are a few other brands out there that you can experiment with also. Dorlands cold wax is another one I have used.
  • A variety of mark-making tools.
  • Painters tape or art tape - don't use masking tape - it will tear your paper
  • Gloves - you'll want to have plenty of disposable gloves on hand.
  • Shop towels or paper towels
  • Disposable paint palette

That is most of the main supplies. I show you a few more things I have in class, but I rarely use some of them.

The course project

By the end of this class, you'll be inspired and ready to create some beautiful abstract of your own.

Your project: Is simple... you'll grab some paper and supplies and play. I'd love for you to start out with the color studies and then move on to other projects. That is your chance to experiment with colors and mark-making. Gives you a chance to wrap your head around how to work with the oil and wax mixture. I personally love doing color studies - so definitely consider doing many of these. Then move onto the other projects as they inspire you. I'd love for you to come by and share your work, color palettes, etc... I cannot wait to see what you end up creating!

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15 mins
Supplies - Part 1
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18 mins
Supplies - Part 2
7 mins
Prepping your paper
19 mins
Mixing your paints
13 mins
Markmaking - part 1
16 mins
Study examples
17 mins
Color blocking
21 mins
Markmaking - part 2
10 mins
22 mins
Larger abstract project
16 mins
Random color blocking
21 mins
Adding details
11 mins
Abstract cutouts
18 mins
Abstract on cradled board
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