Intro to (Tabletop) Role-playing Game Design

——   Created by Lewis Pulsipher

A brief course to introduce you to RPG design. A section of need-to-knows about game design is included

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More about this course

This brief course introduces you to RPG design. (No course of this length can pretend to be comprehensive, of course.) The goal is for you to understand the fundamentals of RPG design (which is a subset of game design). For example, what are you really doing when you "design an RPG?" There are at least three parts to that.

The three main sections are an introduction to game design (mainly need-to-knows), an introduction to RPG design, and a discussion of the business of RPG design. The primary purpose of the last is to help you understand why RPG design, especially tabletop, is very unlikely to earn you a living.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for inexperienced designers, taking you through "game design" quickly to RPG design and the business of RPG design

16 Lessons

Do's and dont's of creating RPG monsters part 1
Do's and dont's of creating RPG monsters part 2
You didn't say much about the don's (of creating monsters)
Bucketsful of dice? Just say no to this poor game design
Character ability generation methods: pros and cons
Comparing RPGs and novels
Evolution of d&d and RPGs part 1
Evolution of d&d and RPGs part 2
Golden rule of rpgs later 2018
Golden rule of RPGs part 2
RPG stifling creativity
RPGs: who is doing it--player or character?
How xp is rewarded has big impact not yet
How party size affects play
Why I don't write monsters and character classes any more
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About the instructor

Dr. Lewis Pulsipher (Wikipedia: "Lewis Pulsipher"; "Britannia (board game)"; "Archomental" ) is the designer of half a dozen commercially published boardgames. His game "Britannia" is described in an Armchair General review "as one of the great titles in the world of games." Britannia was also one of the 100 games …

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