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Introduction: to Affinity Designer

——   Created by Sajeev .G Nair

Create a flat character in Affinity Designer

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Hi Guys, in this class, I'll show you how to create flat character illustrations using Affinity designer. Using the tools and techniques you'll be able to create any kind of illustrations and drawings in Affinity designer.

Affinity designer is a wonderful Vector illustration software and a Great alternative for Adobe Illustrator and it'll help you to learn vector illustration with ease.

We will cover these topics in the class:-

  •  UI and tools
  •  Creating character head
  •  Creating the Hair
  •  Creating the Facial Features
  •  Creating the body
  •  Adding details to the head
  •  Adding details to the body

By the end of this class you'll be able to create any kind of illustration with an Affinity designer, So if you are interested feel free to check out the class.

Happy Learning 

The course project

The Class Project:-

It's rather simple, You just need to create a simple character using the tools and techniques we will be using in the class, you can create as many characters as you want or simply create different variations of the same character. Once completed Don't forget to upload it to the project section.

Good luck and Happy Illustrating 

14 Lessons

1 min
free preview
2 mins
Class Project
free preview
8 mins
UI and Tools
free preview
4 mins
Creating Head
4 mins
Creating Head-2
5 mins
Creating Hair
5 mins
Facial Features
7 mins
Facial Features-2
5 mins
Creating Body
6 mins
Creating Body-2
7 mins
Adding Detailing to Head
6 mins
Adding detailing to Body
4 mins
Adding detailing to Body-2
3 mins
Exporting the image

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Sajeev .G Nair
Sajeev .G Nair
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Hi, I am Sajeev G Nair, I am a 2D and 3D animator and Motion designer with years of experience in teaching and working in …

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