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Introduction to Asana

——   Created by Simon Sez IT

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1h 45m
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In this short course, we teach you the essentials of getting started in Asana.

Asana is an amazing task and project management tool that can be used to improve communication and productivity in your team.

In this course, we teach you how Asana is structured before diving straight into how to add your first tasks and create your first projects. After that, we look at how you organize and collaborate with others in Asana.

Finally, we take you through custom fields, different views, forms, automation, and advanced features like Portfolios and Goals. If you are new to Asana, this is the course for you!

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to create Projects and Tasks in Asana
  • Which layout you need in Asana
  • Using the My Task and Inbox view
  • How to collaborate in Asana and how to set who sees what
  • How to use Custom Fields
  • All about the different views in Asana
  • How to create and use Forms
  • How to use Search and Advanced Search in Asana
  • About using Portfolios and Goals
  • How to get to grips with the Admin Console

20 Lessons

2 mins
2 mins
Why Asana?
3 mins
Understand the Structure of Asana
6 mins
Your First Projects and Tasks
7 mins
Project Layouts for Every Situation
Self Organization and Collaboration
7 mins
Tasks in Asana
10 mins
Collaboration in Asana
5 mins
The Inbox in Asana
Go Further
7 mins
Who Can See Whom and What?
8 mins
Custom Fields in Asana
5 mins
Timeline, a Gantt Chart View for Your Projects
8 mins
Using Forms To Gather Data in Asana
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Simon Sez IT
Simon Sez IT
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