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Introduction to Cloud Computing

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I designed this course for complete beginners to learn the fundamentals of cloud computing. We will first start off the course by examining some fundamental concepts that cloud computing such as:

  • Cloud deployment models
  • The advantages and limitations of cloud computing
  • Cloud service models
  • The definition of cloud computing as well as a brief history

In the next section of the course, we will examine the current state of the cloud computing market. Following this, we will look at Amazon AWS, who is the learning provider in the cloud computing market. I will show you how to sign up for an AWS trial account and how to perform basic navigation within the system. I will also show you how to use some of the core services, such as Amazon EC2 and S3. In the last part of the section, we will discuss serverless computing and the AWS Lambda service.

By the end of this course, you will be well versed in the fundamentals of cloud computing and will have some hands on experience with Amazon AWS.

The course project

Build and deploy the website on Amazon S3 using the sample files.

14 Lessons

4 mins
Section 1 Course Overview
1 min
Section 2 Cloud Concepts
7 mins
What is Cloud Computing
6 mins
The Advantages and Limitations of Cloud Computing
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7 mins
Cloud Service Models
6 mins
Section 3 The Growth in Cloud Computing
2 mins
Section 4 Amazon AWS
4 mins
Amazon AWS Overview
free preview
4 mins
Free AWS Account
free preview
10 mins
What is Amazon EC2
7 mins
How to Create a Virtual Machine In Amazon EC2
9 mins
What is Amazon s3?
6 mins
Deploying a Website on S3
1 min
Section 5 Course Summary

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