Introduction to Philosophy

——   Created by Dr. Daniel O'Shiel

All you need for a well-rounded historical introduction to the whole of Western philosophy!

5h 10m of on-demand video

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  • Dr. Daniel  O'Shiel
    Dr. Daniel O'Shiel

    Researcher and Teacher in Philosophy

  • Biography

    Hello! Originally Irish, I am a postdoctoral researcher and teacher in philosophy. My philosophy education was primarily at the Husserl Archives at KU Leuven in Belgium, where I obtained my PhD in 2016. I have a diverse range of philosophical interests, with expertise in phenomenology and existentialism, but also projects and publications more generally in philosophical anthropology and psychology, philosophy of technology and social philosophy, as well as environmental philosophy and ethics.

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    Course content

    Welcome Message and Introduction
    30 mins
    What is Philosophy?
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    Ancient Greece
    37 mins
    The Presocratics, Socrates and Plato
    22 mins
    15 mins
    Cynics, Sceptics, Epicureans and Stoics
    Medieval Philosophy
    19 mins
    Neoplatonism and Saint Augustine
    18 mins
    22 mins
    24 mins
    Rationalism and Spinoza
    22 mins
    Empiricism and Hume
    23 mins
    Kant and German Idealism
    Contemporary Philosophy
    27 mins
    Existentialism and Nietzsche
    26 mins
    Phenomenology, Husserl and Continental Philosophy
    18 mins
    Analytic Philosophy
    14 mins
    Philosophy Today

    What you'll learn

    Learn all about all the main figures and ideas from throughout the history of Western philosophy! The course is based around lectures with slides and simultaneous video of the instructor. After an introductory session, it takes an author- and discipline-centered approach starting in Ancient Greece and leading all the way up to the present day. It will be of interest to anyone wishing for a well-rounded introduction in philosophy, including its main historical authors and themes, as well as its ongoing significance.