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Introduction to Quilling Quill Your Name from Beginning to End

——   Created by Colo Alonso

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Explore how designer Colo Alonso will guide you in this class to find your artistic side with Quilling techniques.

In this class of 32 minutes, you'll learn how to do the basic figures of quilling by rolling and folding colour strips of paper, the combination of these forms will give you the opportunity to develop many differents objects and also 3D projects.

Chameleon: made by my daughter 7 years old.

You don't need any previus knowledge, in fact it is a great opportunity to share time with KIDS making this project together, I truly recommend it!

Garland: made by my son 4 years old (with help edging the letters)

You will learn how to make simple forms first, and the combination of them will give you pretty designs and also objects.

I encourage you to try it! 

See you in class!

The course project

How to Quilling your Name


You will create a poster with your name (or someone else name) with the Quilling techniques.

You'll make many different pieces of quilling that combined together will make a unique piece of Art. In this assigment we will cover all stages:

  • How to choose the ideal typografy.

  • Inspiration (colours).

  • Start putting the pins and edging the letters.

  • Create different forms.

  • How to collage them in a beautiful way.


  • Create your own piece of art and share every step with everybody on Arbington.
  • Give feedback to your classmates.
  • I can't wait to see your work.

Also internet will give you a lot of INSPIRATION and you'll see how far you can go with this technique.

8 Lessons

2 mins
2 mins
4 mins
6 mins
Basic forms
2 mins
Color and typography
8 mins
Edging letters
9 mins
3 mins
Thank you

About the instructor

Colo Alonso
Colo Alonso
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My name is Daniela Alonso, but my friends call me Colo because of my hair color.

My studies of Industrial Design allow me to work in …

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