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Introduction to Sequelize ORM (w/ Express.js + Postgres)

——   Created by David Armendariz

Learn how to build an authentication backend with Express.js, Sequelize ORM, Postgres, Docker and testing it with Jest

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5h 22m
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Hi and welcome to this course! Here, you will learn A LOT about how to build a simple backend with production-level code. We are going to learn how to set up a local database with Docker, how to use Express.js with Sequelize as the ORM and manipulate the database, how to test our code with Jest and more importantly, how to structure our code to test it easily. We will also learn:

  • Sequelize best practices (how to register models, how to register associations between models, how to add scopes, how to make simple queries, how to write migrations, etc.)
  • JWT and Bcrypt to handle authentication and
  • Testing with Jest (remember that untested code is broken code)
  • Express middlewares and how to test them
  • Docker and Docker Compose to set up a local database and avoid installing databases locally
  • Best practices in general (separating the Express app from the server for easier testing, separating model logic from the controller, hiding passwords from the response, etc.)

This course is different as I am looking for you to learn how production-level code looks like and build the habit to test every line of code you write! Most courses skip testing, but the reality is that testing is so important on software development that it is unbelievable that most courses out there just skip them.

The course project

In the course project of this course, you will add a new endpoint: an endpoint to update the user profile. Why is this endpoint so important? Well, with this endpoint, you will be able to update your password, email, name, etc. If you want to recover your password (in case you forgot your password), it is probably a good idea to reuse this endpoint as well. Make sure to add unit tests and that your coverage is almost 100%.

58 Lessons

2 mins
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6 mins
Advise for Windows Users
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5 mins
Installing NVM
free preview
2 mins
The GitHub Repo
5 mins
Installing Docker And Docker Compose
3 mins
Installing DBeaver And Postman
3 mins
Installing VSCode
Initial Setup
7 mins
Initial setup
6 mins
Adding All The Dependencies
6 mins
Configuring Babel, Jest And Nodemon
11 mins
Creating And Connecting To The Database
JWT And Bcrypt
14 mins
Understanding JWT
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About the instructor

David Armendariz

Hi! My name is David Armendáriz. I am from the beautiful country of Ecuador.

I studied mathematics at USFQ (Universidad San Francisco de Quito). However, …

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