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Introvert Networking Success

——   Created by Shelia Huggins

Three Skills for Mastering Small Talk

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Who this class is for:

This class is specifically designed to provide actionable strategies and tips for introverts who want to be better prepared to handle networking events. However, please note that the tips that are provided can be useful to anyone who wants to develop better skills for mastering small talk.

What you will get out of this class:

  • You'll learn three skills that you can develop so that you can interact with others more easily at networking events.
  • You'll learn which groups of people to approach when you're attending a networking event.
  • You'll learn strategies to help you keep the conversation going after you've made your initial introduction.
  • You'll be given ten questions that you can use to minimize those awkward moments of silence.
  • You'll learn how to answer the two questions that you get asked most often.

There are no prerequisites, software, or equipment requirements for this class.

Why I created this class:

I'm an introvert.

However, I'm also very involved in my community. I speak at public events. I teach workshops, and attend social functions. All of these are opportunities for me to connect with others and build meaningful relationships.'s much harder to do that if I show up without a plan.

And now, I'm sharing that plan with you.

The course project

One of the skills that is discussed in this class is how to answer the two questions that you usually get asked at a networking event. In the class, you receive specific strategies and examples on how to craft your answers. Your class project will give you an opportunity to work on crafting your blurbs (short responses) to these often-asked questions, using the strategies provided in the class.

11 Lessons

2 mins
Small Talk Course Introduction
free preview
2 mins
Why Mastering Small Talk is Important
free preview
2 mins
Why Small Talk is So Hard
free preview
2 mins
Get Ready for the Small Talk Event
2 mins
When You Arrive at the Small Talk Event
3 mins
Skill 1 Who to Talk To
2 mins
Skill 2 Handling Silence
3 mins
Skill 3 Prepare Your Blurbs
1 min
Small Talk Course Project
1 min
Leaving the Event
1 min
Course Wrapup

About the instructor

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Shelia Huggins
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Shelia Huggins is a business law attorney and lifestyle strategist, and she's ready to help you reach your goals. She's taught numerous legal courses, including …

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