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iPad Music Making - Apps and tricks for Beginners

——   Created by Robb Montgomery

Quickly compose original music with iPad music apps for your videos and films. The iPad Music course — Robb Montgomery

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3h 03m
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Make music with iPad apps and quickly develop new sounds and musical background patterns for your mobile videos that match your signature style and vision.

  1. No musical expertise required
  2. Craft original beats for your social videos
  3. Score music for your mobile films
  4. 10 Exercises to build your first song

Learn the quick and easy way and to make royalty-free and copyright-free music for your videos.

Step-by-step tutorials walk you through every step of the process!

You got this!

The lesson concepts for music production are similar to the building of a visual narrative structure that we teach in all the Smart Films School courses.

We use a proven approach that can quickly build confidence and even show you the apps that can be tuned to prevent you from even hitting wrong notes!

The course begins with making mobile music with free apps that can be used for background music tracks for social videos. The course then builds on this foundation to show the pathways to scaling up these projects in Logic Pro X for film scoring. 

The example used in film scoring module started out as simple 8-bar GarageBand sketch on an iPad that was then airdropped into LogicPro X where it could be mixed while viewing the scene - just like they do in Hollywood.

The key in this course to start simple and make each project to build on previous skills. You will find that making original music is fun and you will quickly get results that that please your ears.

What are you waiting for? 

Enroll now and get started!

38 Lessons

Making Musical Patterns
5 mins
Touchscraper app - Tips for Making Music
2 mins
Getting Started With Touchscraper Music App for Ipad
7 mins
Touchscaper app - Chord Explorer
13 mins
Touchscaper app - Instruments
9 mins
Touchscaper app - MIDI
10 mins
Touchscaper app - Sequencer
2 mins
Touchscaper app - Next Steps
AUM and Virtual Instruments
6 mins
iPad Music Apps - Getting started
2 mins
iPad Music - Getting great sounds
5 mins
iPad Music - External keyboard
3 mins
iPad Music - AUM Controls
2 mins
iPad Music - Parameter mapping
4 mins
iPad Music - AUM Connecting apps
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