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iPhone Filmmaking

——   Created by Wayne Sables

Learn to make cinematic films from your iPhone

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In this course you will learn the full filmmaking process from filming to editing. You will learn how to make cinematic content. Throughout the course we will use real life examples shot from my phone during my professional work. Learn how to frame the perfect shot, create your own content, colour grade and edit your films, green screen, plan the perfect film and use 3rd parts apps to enhance your content. At the end of the course you will be ready to create cinematic masterpieces worthy of the big screen.

  • Have a smartphone

39 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
4 mins
Native Camera App
free preview
7 mins
Moment Camera App
free preview
1 min
Portrait vs Landscape
3 mins
Frame Size
3 mins
ISO Shutter Speed Aperture
2 mins
Rule of Thirds
5 mins
My Kit
2 mins
Shot Construction
1 min
360 Filming
2 mins
Slow Motion
3 mins
Cinematic Filmmaking Part 1
1 min
Cinematic Filmmaking Part 2
1 min
Creative Transitions Part 1
2 mins
Creative Transitions Part 2
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About the instructor

Wayne Sables
Wayne Sables
  • 5 courses

Hello, I'm Wayne. I originally trained in contemporary dance before moving into film and digital technologies. I'm an independent artist who regularly collaborates with some …

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