Is My Painting Finished?

——   Created by Nancy Reyner

Six Ways To Know Your Painting Is Truly Finished.

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“Is It Finished?” This is the #1 frequently asked question by artists and painters. Or maybe you’ve reached a point in your painting where you’re stuck and you don’t know what to do next. Whatever your motivation for being here right now, this presentation can help.

In this video course, professional fine art painter Nancy Reyner, will show you how to finish your paintings faster and with better results. You will learn how to add ease and flow to your creative process, more clearly visualize your ideas, and make creative decisions with confidence. Learn six foolproof ways to know your painting is not just finished, but at its very best, communicating your ideas visually in the most powerful way possible.

This presentation includes highlights from Nancy’s new course, The Art of Painting Beyond Technique, to help you decide if your painting is really finished.

Recommended for intermediate and advanced painters using any medium (such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, digital painting, or drawing), and working in any style - abstract or realistic, classic or contemporary. Once you've completed several paintings of your own, you will appreciate the unusual and surprising concepts in this video to take your work even further.

The course project

This course presents several ways to determine if your painting is the best it can be - and finished. Select one of your paintings that you like and feel is successful. Go through the concepts in this video to determine a few reasons why it works so well. Jot down your thoughts in a journal. By defining the aspects you like in the painting, it will help you continue to achieve success for future work.

Another project idea is to select a painting by another artist you find online or in a book or magazine. It can be an artist that is contemporary or even one of the old masters in a history book. As before, go through the concepts in the video, and determine several factors that you feel add to the success of the painting.

And yet one more project idea! Find images online of other artist's painting that you do not like. Determining aspects you aren't attracted to can be a real advantage. You will be exercising your eye (more "eye yoga") which helps enormously for your own creative work.

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