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Javascript Data Structure Foundation (2022 Edition)

——   Created by Rahul Giri

Learn and master list, stack, queue and set data structure in javascript.

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2h 40m
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More about this course

Welcome to this class, where we gonna cover JavaScript data structure foundation.

In this modern web world, knowing JavaScript is as important as breathing. but what happens when you are about to build a very large and complex application.

Well sooner or later you’ll get confused and it will be hard to manage your data and application structure.

So here comes this class in which I’ll give you thrall knowledge of foundation data structure in JavaScript. i will explain 4 essential JavaScript data structures as easy and in detail as possible.

You will be amazed at how easy it is when you start learning.

This is a two-part class, this is the first part where you’ll learn the “foundations” of JavaScript data structures and in the second part, you’ll learn “advanced” JavaScript data structures.

Here is what you’ll learn in this class.

  • Essential JavaScript Concept
  • List Data Structure
  • Stack Data Structure
  • Queue Data Structure
  • Set Data Structure

You’ll have...

  • Many coding challenges, and
  • Access to all of the exercise files in this class

So you’re ready to master the foundation of JavaScript data structures then roll up your sleeves, fire up your code editor and let’s get started with JavaScript data structure foundation.

The course project

In this course, you'll face many problems, and I'd like you to share your solutions in our discussion thread.

39 Lessons

2 mins
Essential Concept
free preview
10 mins
Constructor Function
free preview
4 mins
Javascript Protoype
4 mins
ES2015 Classes
2 mins
List Data Structure
3 mins
Creating Class For List Data Structure
7 mins
Implenting Add Feature
9 mins
Working On Find And Remove Feature
6 mins
Creating InsertAfter Feature
5 mins
Implementing Contains And Clear Feature
3 mins
Challange Work On Traverse List Features
9 mins
Solution Implemnting List Traverse Features
1 min
Challange Work On DisplayElementNameOnPostion Features
7 mins
Solution Implementing DisplayElementNameOnPostion Features
3 mins
Stack Data Structure
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Rahul Giri
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After graduating and holding a degree in "information technology", my professional career beganstarting out a web development and graphics design career …

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