JavaScript DOM Pacman Game Project Learn JavaScript Code

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Create a JavaScript Pacman game from scratch Vanilla JavaScript using Document Object Model DOM Game source code

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Explore how YOU can CREATE a PacMan Type Game from scratch using JavaScript and ONLY JavaScript DOM

Perfect to practice and learn more about web design and web development - create game play directly within your website. Run in the browser and have fun!  Learn about game design and how you can create a DOM based web game from scratch using JUST JavaScript.

DOM Manipulation - Event Listeners - Create Elements on the Page - ALL DONE WITH JAVASCRIPT

Step by step how to create a GAME -

Using CSS create game assets

Setup the game board and select elements using JavaScript


  • Explore how you can create a PacMan type game from scratch using JavaScript
  • Practice JavaScript create your own version of the game
  • Explore how to manipulate elements on the page using JavaScript
  • DOM manipulation and element selection
  • Make the enemies smarter detect where the player is located
  • Score keeping from the game play
  • Start Stop and Restart game
  • Generate dynamic Game boards
  • Fully Dynamic code that you can update the variables and change the game

Build your own version of this game today.

28 Lessons

Introduction to Creating a Dynamic Pacman Type Game Using JavaScript
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Create Game Assets and Setup Code HTML and CSS
Game Files Setup and Planning for JavaScript Game
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How to Create Game Assets for Pacman Game in JavaScript
How to create with CSS - CSS Create the Ghosts
How to setup Game assets CSS Create the PacMan
JavaScript Gameplay Create Pacman Game with Vanilla JavaScript Code
How to select elements using JavaScript Select Elements
How to Create Game Board JS
Pacman Game how to Add Ghosts to Gameboard
How to add to the game Add Ghosts to Gameboard 2
How to make animations Add Animation Frame Movement
How to make elements move within the game Movement Parameters
How to setup Pacman Movement Mouth and Eyes
How to add Ghost Movement JavaScript
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