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JavaScript Math Games project for learning code from scratch

——   Created by Laurence Svekis

JavaScript Game - Explore how YOU can create a fully dynamic Interactive Math Game From Scratch using JavaScript

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3h 34m
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More about this course

Put you JavaScript skills to the test - create a fully functional Math game from scratch - perfect for kids to learn math. Test your kids or anyone who wants to put their math skills to the test, math skills with a dynamic math quiz game built with JavaScript. 

The lessons of this course will walk you through all the steps to create a fully functional Math game which you can set the parameters. Top max values in the quiz, number of questions, which operators are presented and even which value in the question will be the missing one. 

JavaScript can be used to create flexible learning games that run directly in your browser.

Source code is included so you can create your own version of the game.

Step by step in game development and planning next functions needed for gameplay. This is a unique format in learning and applying code to create a REAL WORLD project from start to finish. Options are also presented YOU Decide what you want in YOUR game.

Explore how to

  • Create elements with JavaScript
  • Select elements from HTML content
  • Apply math and conditions for logic
  • Create Randomized outcomes, random array values and more
  • Apply scoring and logic to output player stats
  • Apply Game development knowledge to build sequential progress in the game
  • Next steps with player messaging and provide player feedback
  • Create different versions of the game showing 1 question or all questions on the screen
  • Player feedback on response
  • Build a fully dynamic game board selecting the parameters and generate the question.

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experience ready to help you learn more about JavaScript

What are you waiting for join now and build you own version of the game.

25 Lessons

3 mins
Introduction to creating a Javascript Math game introduction
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4 mins
Course Tips: Tools and resources
free preview
9 mins
How to JavaScript querySelector Objects Work Code Example and Demo
11 mins
How to create HTML elements JavaScript CreateElement Object
9 mins
How to randomize values in JavaScript Math Random Example
6 mins
How to use the array sort method JavaScript example Array Sort Method Random
6 mins
How to Setup Math Game HTML Code Setup and JS Setup of Game HTML JS
8 mins
JavaScript Game Setup Game Variables and Objects
10 mins
How to create Game play Start the Game with JavaScript Start Function
10 mins
How to create and Build Question Screen using JavaScript Code
7 mins
JavaScript Game Tweaks and Adjustments
16 mins
How to create Player Interactions Question to Player
11 mins
How to apply Game Logic Correct check Check Answer Respond
5 mins
How to check Correct Answers within Math Game
7 mins
JavaScript Math Game apply Game Updates and Fixes
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