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Job Interview Skills: 10 Interview Mistakes taught by a CEO

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10 Job Interview mistakes that you should know before your Next Interview (Improve Your Interviewing Skills in No time)

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When it comes to securing a job, the process starts with the Job Interview.... It is Your First Encounter with the potential employer and You should leave the best impression and avoid critical Mistakes.

This Course will equip you with 10 Mistakes that reduce the success rate of the Job interview and Could potentially Ruin the Candidacy even if the Applicant is the best fit for the job.

You will learn how to avoid these mistakes in specific situations such that you increase the success rate of job application and leverage your profile compared to other Candidates.

The Course is Taught by a professional in the field with vast experience spanning over multiple industries such as Engineering, Construction, Oil & Gas, Education and Fitness such that you are provided with quality information and expertise that will surely make a difference in your career development process and Hopefully it will help you Secure your Next Job Application!

The course will equip you with things that you Should NOT do in an interview in order to increase the chances of securing the job that you are applying for. Every Situation will target a specific mistake that you should avoid in the interview and How can you avoid it in a skillful manner in order to increase the chances of getting hired!

10 Lessons

4 mins
Mistake 1
4 mins
Mistake 2
3 mins
Mistake 3
3 mins
Mistake 4
2 mins
Mistake 5
3 mins
Mistake 6
3 mins
Mistake 7
3 mins
Mistake 8
2 mins
Mistake 9
5 mins
Mistake 10

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ExpertEase  Education

ExpertEase is a one of a kind academy that bridges the gap between the theoretical studies and the field application where our instructors are: Actual …

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