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Job-Ready SQL in an Afternoon

——   Created by Maximilian Schallwig

Go from never having written SQL before to ready to use it on the job and in technical interviews.

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6h 10m
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SQL is the language that you can use to interact with one major database type (SQL databases), one that is very wide-spread in today's world. 

Knowing SQL will give you a nice ability and understanding of how to handle data and databases, and being able to integrate it into Python code enables you to create great, dynamic, and automatic systems that combine the power of programming and data.

In this course we'll be learning SQL. We'll start by going through some fundamental knowledge like learning about the relational model, as well as what schemas are, the different data types available, and how database tables are organized. Then we'll go ahead and set up our own local Postgres database and populate it with data so that we have data to run queries against. Once our setup is done we're then ready to directly jump into writing SQL code.

We'll start with the basics like creating databases and tables, inserting and selecting data, and performing filtering and result ordering. This way we can make sure we're comfortable with how the data is laid out and that we feel good performing the basic operations that usually make up all queries.

Then we'll jump deeper into SQL by learning about aggregations, subqueries, joins, unions, and window functions.

By the end of this course you should be ready to successfully apply your SQL knowledge in both technical interviews as well as on the job.

45 Lessons

Fundamentals and Setup
16 mins
Intro to Relational Databases
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18 mins
Data Types and Schemas
4 mins
[Mac] Setting Up a Local PostgreSQL Server
5 mins
[Windows] Setting Up a Local PostgreSQL Server
5 mins
[Mac] SQL Editor Postico
6 mins
SQL Editor DataGrip
2 mins
SQL Editor CLI
7 mins
Creating and Removing a Database
Databases, Tables, and Basic Queries
4 mins
Creating Schemas
9 mins
Creating Tables
4 mins
Altering Tables
5 mins
Enumerated Types
7 mins
Inserting Values
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About the instructor

Maximilian  Schallwig

Hey there! My name is Max.

And I’m a data loving, Dungeons & Dragons playing, Python programming dude.

I’ve got a Bachelors in Physics and …

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