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Jumpstart the Raspberry Pi Pico

——   Created by Dr. Alexander Fell

A comprehensive Course to get Beginners immediately started with the new Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040)

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3h 41m
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I tailored this course to get you jump-started for the newest family member of the Raspberry Pi family: The Raspberry Pi Pico. After a short soldering session and software installation for your Windows or Linux system, I at once dive into practical topics such as:

  • Timers and Counters
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Interrupts
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Communication Protocols (SPI, I2C/TWI, UART)
  • Connections to other peripheries, sensors, and actuators (Example: Arduino) to the Raspberry Pi Pico

First, each topic explains what the function does and how it works. Practical examples, tips and tricks, and exercises to try out the topic by yourself follow. To maximize the take-away from the course, the exercises offer hints and tips, in case you get stuck somewhere. If nothing works, I give solutions in well-documented source code for your experiments and modifications. In addition, I show practical examples, of how to connect the periphery to the Raspberry Pi Pico, how to protect it against over-voltage, and how to use it with larger electrical components such as motors, so that you can enjoy your Raspberry Pi Pico as long as possible.

This course follows the motto: “Learning by Doing“ and you will need a few hardware components to complete the course successfully. I list them in the first lecture, available for free. In addition, I assume that an enrolled student has some Python programming experience and knows how to write functions, loops, and how to import modules. If you already know any other programming language, you will not face any issues and pick up Python on the fly.

I designed this course specifically for the Raspberry Pi Pico, so that it offers everything in one place. After completing this course, the successful students will have the experience to plan and carry out their own projects for the Raspberry Pi Pico and learn the fundamentals of omnipresent peripheries encountered in the domain of embedded systems.

44 Lessons

Section 1: Introduction
12 mins
free preview
1 min
Section 2: Soldering
5 mins
Soldering (Preparation)
7 mins
Soldering (Preparation - practical)
5 mins
Solder! It is getting hot!
11 mins
Soldering (What can go wrong?)
2 mins
1 min
Exercise 1: Soldering
Section 3: Installation
13 mins
Installation in Linux
free preview
9 mins
Thonny in Linux
15 mins
Installation in Windows
2 mins
Exercise 2, Part I: The German Traffic Signal (Demo)
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Dr. Alexander Fell
Dr. Alexander Fell
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In my capacity as an assistant and adjunct professor at various institutes in India and Singapore, I gained extensive experience in how to communicate theoretical …

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