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Kung Fu Shaolin Student Level 1 - 5 Foundamental techniques

——   Created by Simone Marini

Hands and legs basic techniques and first 5 Ji Ben Gong

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1h 13m
Lesson time
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The Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest and most famous style of martial arts, that form physical and mental strength. Start your first steps in the way of the warrior by learning the basic techniques of the Shaolin. The courses don't just provide you with instructional kung fu videos, it provides you with Complete Kung Fu Training Programs that not only teach, but also provide training sessions and workouts to follow. Step-by-step instructions make everything possible to learn, even the most complicated techniques, starting with a low impact warm-up and stretching to prevent injuries and make you improve gradually.

The course project

Learning the hand positions and 5 out of 18 foundamental techniques that are the building blocks of the style.

9 Lessons

10 mins
18 mins
Arms and legs
15 mins
Basic Kicks
9 mins
Quick Warmup
7 mins
First Basic Technique
3 mins
Second Basic Technique
5 mins
Third Basic Technique
5 mins
Forth Basic Technique
4 mins
Fifth Basic Technique

About the instructor

Simone Marini
Simone Marini
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I'm a Shaolin Kung Fu Teacher in Italy, I start studying it since 1999. After many years of study, with different masters (italians, few shaolin …

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