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Ladybug Watercolor Mini Course

——   Created by Kellie Chasse

Great for beginners, learn more about glazing and layering in the mini ladybug watercolor course

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Welcome to exploring watercolors!

I'm excited to share this course with you, it's going to be a lot of fun and I think it will really give you a chance to work on your layering and glazing skills with watercolors.

In today's course, we will focus on painting a ladybug in a real-time tutorial. We'll be adding a number of washes of color to give your painting some depth. 

This course is for Beginners, new painters, or crafty peeps interested in trying watercolor painting. This is a project-based, simple course, and not overwhelming. We will cover just the basics, step-by-step instructions, on how to complete this ladybug painting.

This short Project-Based course will give you the skills to work quickly and get some nice results. Feel free to choose different colors and backgrounds. If you are a new watercolorist, start smaller. If you chose a different sized paper please note that you may use more materials and your dry time will vary. 

The key is to play and test things out without fear. You'll notice I just go with the flow when creating and I hope you will too.

Thanks for being here and playing/painting with me.

Have fun and looking forward to answering any questions for you!!!



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The course project

Thanks so much for joining me! 

I encourage you to upload your projects and works in progress, and I'm happy to leave feedback on your projects. I do read every one of them and I get excited to see them. You can share your projects or WIP under Create a project, by emailing me at [email protected]tagging me on Instagram, or in our Private Facebook Group!


For your class projects, you'll be completing your own unique watercolor ladybug, remember to have fun. 

Getting Started:

Review Lessons and refer to the material list to download and get started. 

Sharing Your Work:

Share your final painting and progress shots with the class by uploading to the "Q&A" section. If you have any questions or need more tips, please let me know! I'm happy to help


Your Online Art Cheerleader!


Simple living| Debt Free| Content Creator Artist & Instructor 15+ Years

✅ Congrats and thank you for participating! 

9 Lessons

2 mins
Arbington LadyBug Introduction
2 mins
Ladybug Step 1 Let's discuss Materials
4 mins
Ladybug Step 2 First Wash
3 mins
LadyBug Step 3 Glazing and Layering
3 mins
LadyBug Step 4 Creating your own black for details
4 mins
LadyBug Step 5 Adding darker values
2 mins
LadyBug Step 6 Adding Masking Fluid
6 mins
LadyBug Step 7 Finishing Touches
3 mins
Outro Arbington Ladybug

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Kellie Chasse
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