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LASH LIFT (perming+tinting)

——   Created by Kristina Bagrova

Learn how to perform the treatment of lash lift/perming/curl/lamination/botox, accredited certificate possibility

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Possibility of additional accredited certificate

In this course you will learn how to perform the treatment of eyelash curling and lamination for another person. This is a course which represents an actual treatment in a beauty salon. The list of the tools and products needed is provided. Different manufacturers might have slightly different duration of how long the products should be kept on but the main steps are the same amongst all of them.

11 Lessons

3 mins
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Treatment Steps
1 min
Preparation of Eyelashes
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2 mins
Covering the Lower Lashes With Protective Under-Eye Pads
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1 min
Choosing the Right Silicone Shield
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6 mins
Eyelash Positioning on the Shields
4 mins
Applying the 1st Phase Curling Product
5 mins
Applying the 2nd Phase Curling Product
2 mins
Preparation of the Tinting Product
6 mins
Applying the Tinting Product
7 mins
Removing All the Product Residue
1 min
The Result

About the instructor

Kristina  Bagrova

Hello, my name is Kristina Bagrova and I come from Lithuania. I am a certified beautician specialized in permanent makeup and at the time of …

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