DRUM LESSONS (Course #5) Latin Rhythms for the Drum Set

——   Created by Jim McCall

Bossa Novas, Sambas and Cool Latin Rhythms

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  • Jim McCall
    Jim McCall

    Professional Drummer/Percussionist and Educator

  • Biography

    Internationally acclaimed drummer Jim McCall has performed for millions worldwide. Jim’s lifelong dedication to drumming excellence and the percussive arts energizes audiences with his exceptional skill and talent. Some of Jim's credits include Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, Chuck Mangione and performances at the White House with Easy Smith. Other credits include Music Director for Breck Wall’s award winning Vegas production “Bottoms Up,” Music Director for “Club Zulu,” Jon Stewart’s “Legends in Concert” and Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand.” Jim is also recognized internationally as a music educator and author. His educational works and videos are published all over the world and have reached 10,000's of aspiring drummers.

    Jim credits his drumming knowledge and level of skill due to his years of study with the great Henry Adler of N.Y. City. Henry's teachings influenced many of the greats including Buddy Rich, Louis Bellson, Sonny Igoe, Alex Acuna of "Weather Report" fame and world renown teacher Freddie Gruber who taught Neil Pert, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta and Peter Erskine to name a few using the Henry Adler technique. All of these great players can be found on YouTube.

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    John Capello liked this class and said...

    The best course ever, it's precise, and simple but are explained in ideal way.

    Course content

    6 mins
    Bossa Nova 1
    6 mins
    Bossa Nova 2
    8 mins
    Bossa Nova 3
    7 mins
    Bossa Nova 4
    7 mins
    Bossa Nova 5
    6 mins
    Samba Rhythm 1
    6 mins
    Samba Rhythm 2
    5 mins
    Samba Rhythm 3
    free preview
    6 mins
    Samba Rhythm 4
    7 mins
    Samba Rhythm 5
    5 mins
    Cool Latin Rhythm 1
    5 mins
    Cool Latin Rhythm 2
    free preview
    5 mins
    Cool Latin Rhythm 3
    5 mins
    Cool Latin Rhythm 4
    5 mins
    Cool Latin Rhythm 5

    What you'll learn

    This course introduces three of the most commonly used Latin Rhythms. These exciting rhythms can be applied to many different musical genres and are very popular in todays music. The first five lessons demonstrate the Bossa Nova ( new beat ) which is used for the slower to medium tempos. The next five lessons teach the Samba which is one of my favorites rhythms. The Samba always sounds fantastic and is really fun to play. The course concludes with the Cool Latin patterns which were originally timbale patterns that have been interpreted for the drum set. All Latin Rhythms have a pulse based on the Clave' pattern that creates a lively feel with a full and exotic sound. The Latin Rhythms taught in this course are authentic, sound great and students will have fun learning these excellent rhythmic patterns. 100% DRUMMING FUN GUARANTEED !