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Launch your website on GitHub Pages

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Are you looking for an easy way to launch your website? Or are you looking for a way to share your coding projects? In this class you will launch a new website using GitHub Pages. GitHub Pages is a free service and there are no servers, no configs, and no payments (it's totally free!) With this course you can launch your HTML, CSS and JavaScript website on the internet for free and in less than an hour!

To really build your skills you will learn by doing. You will create a public repository on GitHub where you can share your code. And if you set it up right, GitHub will create a website for you and make it accessible to the internet. 

You can use Git and GitHub from your Windows, Mac and Linux computers, too! It's all supported and all the commands and processes are identical on each operating system.

Together we'll get started with Git (beginner friendly) and we'll create a new GitHub account and repository. If you don't want to learn how to use Git, that's OK, because I'll show you how to edit files directly on GitHub as well. 

Then we'll add files to our GitHub repository and deploy it to the internet. 

By the end of this class you will have a website that friends, family, and future employers can look it. You will also know how to deploy a static website to the internet.

As always, and with all my other courses, I am here to support you. If you get stuck or have questions I am 100% here to help you throughout this entire class.

Let's get started right away!  

Links you will need to get started:

The course project

Your project is to launch a simple website today. 

This is perfect for sharing your coding projects and making a nice website for yourself (like a portfolio!). Your website does not need to be super beautiful or so interactive it breaks the internet. If it does, great! But you'll see in this course that my original website is just text and later I update it to look nice. 

14 Lessons

2 mins
Setup your free GitHub account
free preview
3 mins
Create a "special" repository on GitHub
free preview
1 min
What is cloning, anyway?
free preview
3 mins
How to install Git on Windows
5 mins
How to install Git on MacOS and Linux
3 mins
How to configure your Git settings
4 mins
How to "download" your repository to your computer
3 mins
Creating your first file
3 mins
Push your files to your special repository
3 mins
Demoing your new website
5 mins
Making your website nicer with a theme
8 mins
Don't forget to add your projects to your portfolio!
3 mins
How and why you should "ignore" useless/hidden computer files
1 min
Your project


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