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Leadership: Practical Leadership Skills:Strategy:Techniques

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Leadership essential skills and fundamental leadership techniques that reinforce how to be an exemplary leader

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How do you reinforce exemplary Leadership? How do you turn your Managers into Leaders and start the process to creating a Culture of Leadership Excellence? Be inspired by the Five Keys that create the platform for Legendary Leadership though the Go-Giver Leader Philosophy which reinforce the framework for achieving employee commitment to your company’s success and not compliance due to positional authority. This is a course designed to reinforce exemplary leadership for you and your leadership team. Turn your managers into leaders and start the process to creating a Culture of Leadership Excellence. This course shares the framework for how to reinforce authentic leadership and build a team of collaborative overachievers by focusing on retaining and hiring what studies and research have proven are the reciprocity type that have become the top 25% of overachievers in the workplace today. At an individual, team and company level having an authentic appreciation for another person’s perspective, acknowledging their view of the world, being genuinely empathetic for their situation, fully understanding the meaning behind the message they are communicating, and most importantly, focusing on how you can add value in support of helping their life progression will be critical, if you, your team or your company want to achieve outstanding success in America 2.0. This course offers you the tools for effective leadership with Dashboard, KPI, Meeting Agenda and Forecasting templates and a framework to measure both you and your team's progression. Additionally, the changing needs created out of the transition towards America 2.0 are reinforcing the need to have an even deeper understanding of the empathic needs of not just the people we are leading, but our peers, colleagues, and external partners too. You and your team will learn the three types of empathy and the personal exercises that can be incorporated in order to strengthen the ability to authentically connect with the people around you.


“We should all seek to practice the message illustrated so elegantly in The Go-Giver Leader—that great leaders don’t try to act like ‘leaders,’ they strive to be more human.”

Simon Sinek, optimist and author of Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last

“This book captures the essence of life and leadership. I recommend it!”

John C. Maxwell, author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

The Go-Giver Leader carries an important message for leaders, parents, and all other humans—that leadership, fundamentally, is about other people.”

Captain L. David Marquet, U.S. Navy (ret.), author of Turn the Ship Around!

Often times, we confuse leadership with dictatorship. A dictator barks out orders and does not take into account the wants and needs of others. A giving leader is the complete opposite. A giving leader works tirelessly to develop his or her people and is focused on what they can do for others. Perhaps the job of a leader is to help their followers succeed. After all, managers don’t win games: teams do. This is the philosophy behind giving leadership. Your job as a leader is to serve the people who follow you.

10 Lessons

8 mins
Introduction - Leader or Manager? The Key to Legendary Leadership
9 mins
Platform for Legendary Leadership
9 mins
The First Key to Legendary Leadership
3 mins
The Second Key to Legendary Leadership
6 mins
The Third Key To Legendary Leadership
9 mins
Bonus Video - Strengthening Your Emotional Intelligence
4 mins
The Fourth Key To Legendary Leadership
5 mins
The Fifth Key To Legendary Leadership
6 mins
Bonus Video - The Go Giver Leader Transition
5 mins

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Applied  Excellence

Paul Anderson is the CEO & Founder of Applied Excellence learning and development company. At Applied Excellence, we are committed to inspiring excellence in business, …

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