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Leading Effective One-on-One Meetings: Practical Skills

——   Created by Mike Clayton

Everything a Manager Needs to Know to Maximize the Value of One-on-One Time

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Do you need to lead one-on-one meetings in your workplace?

If you do, then you will know it is your responsibility to make them comfortable for both of you, and also an effective use of time. 

One-on-One Meetings Serve Many Purposes

They may be for  

  • Goal setting  
  • Performance review – formal and informal  
  • Tasking and progress monitoring  
  • Briefing  
  • Problem-solving and addressing issues  
  • Care and support  
  • Guidance  
  • Coaching or mentoring  
  • Performance feedback 

…Even reprimands   

But often, people get promoted to a level where they need to lead these kinds of meeting, without getting any training.  

So, in this course, we’ll cover:

  • The different types of one-on-one meeting  
  • Planning and preparing your meeting  
  • Putting together an effective agenda  
  • How to build rapport  
  • How men and women each perceive a mixed meeting – with advice for each  
  • How to listen well  
  • Questioning skills  
  • How to adapt to the range of meeting types you’ll need as a manager, project manager, or team leader.


 As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • Select the most effective style for your one-on-one meeting
  • Plan and prepare for an effective meeting that puts both of you at ease, and allows you to make the progress you need
  • Lead a meeting that flows naturally
  • Choose the most suitable room layout for your meeting
  • Build and strengthen professional rapport with the other person
  • Avoid the traps of the male-female one-on-one dynamic
  • Listen deeply, and ask insightful questions
  • Lead a range of different types of one-on-one meeting, for: appraisal, progress checking, coaching, mentoring and reprimands.


Prior Experience  

The only prior experience you need is some exposure to organizational life.  

However, the people who may find this most valuable are those who have tried leading their first one-on-one meetings and so know what challenges you want to work on..  

24 Lessons

3 mins
Welcome To the Course
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4 mins
Why One on One Meetings Are So Important
free preview
3 mins
Reasons To Meet
5 mins
Meetings are Conversations: Types of Conversation
5 mins
Planning Your One-on-One Meeting
3 mins
How to Prepare for a One-on-One Meeting
6 mins
Preparing Your Agenda
5 mins
The Five Stages of a Meeting
7 mins
Meeting Room Layout
5 mins
Rapport Building Skills
2 mins
The Male-Female Dynamic
5 mins
The Male-Female Dynamic - from His Perspective
3 mins
The Male-Female Dynamic - from Her Perspective
9 mins
Questioning Skills
6 mins
Listening Skills
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