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If You Love Beer, You'll Love This Course

——   Created by Marty Nachel

Learn all about your favorite beverage from an expert on the topics of beer and brewing

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Beer is so much more than just a beverage; today it's more like a lifestyle in itself. Learn how to enjoy beer to its fullest by learning everything about it.

10 Lessons

5 mins
Beer fun facts
11 mins
How to properly evaluate beer
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14 mins
Beer glassware
16 mins
Beer myths and misconceptions
6 mins
Beer style pronunciations
12 mins
Beer styles of the world
12 mins
Beer and food pairings
8 mins
How beer is made: ingredients
8 mins
How beer is made: the brewing processes
10 mins
How to choose the right beer

About the instructor

Marty Nachel
Marty Nachel
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I have been teaching beer education for well over two decades; I love to share my knowledge and experience with others who share my passion …

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