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Learn Cambodian Alphabet

——   Created by DARA HOK

You will learn Consonants, Sub-consonants, Vowels, Independent vowels, Punctuations and Khmer numbers.

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1h 09m
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More about this course

Hi, everyone, welcome to learn Cambodian with my course. In this course, you will learn every thing about Cambodian alphabet such as

  • Consonants
  • Sub-consonants
  • Vowels
  • Independent vowels
  • Punctuations
  • Khmer numbers

If you wish to learn Cambodian alphabet, don't be hesitate to enroll this course and I will be here to help you. Please have a great day.

10 Lessons

7 mins
33 Consonants
free preview
4 mins
15 Consonants in Group "OR"
4 mins
18 Consonants in Group "ER"
6 mins
24 Dependent Vowels - with Consonants in group "OR"
6 mins
24 Dependent Vowels - with Consonants in group "ER"
7 mins
Comparison of Dependent Vowels between Group "OR" and "ER"
20 mins
32 Sub-Consonants
4 mins
9 Independent Vowels
10 mins
11 Punctuations
7 mins
Khmer Numbers

About the instructor

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Hello! I am Dara, friendly Khmer tutor. Nowadays, I'm living in Phnom Penh. I have started my teaching since 2017. During my lessons, I’ve shared …

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