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Learn First 1000 Japanese Words [Kanji, Hiragana]

——   Created by Dai Max

Max's Japanese Vocab Training 1

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Hi, all the Japanese learners!

I'm Max.

I'm from Japan (native Japanese speaker), and I have been helping English speakers learn Japanese for quite a while!


Welcome to Max's Japanese Course!

In this course, we cover the FIRST 1000 JAPANESE WORDS in Kanji, Hiragana, Roma-ji, and English definitions!!!

So, even if you don't know Kanji, that's completely fine!

Even if you don't know Hiragana, that's completely fine too!

Also, I would say that this course is good for learners at ALL LEVELS!

If you know the words, you probably still have some accent or maybe you don't know the kanji for the words :)


Here are some things I want to tell you when taking this course :)


  • It is VERY important to know the basic words in order to, of course, speak/understand Japanese.

  • Also, by knowing the first 1000 words, you can further your Japanese learning SO MUCH EASIER!

  • You will be able to start HEARING, FINDING, USING the words in your favorite anime, your favorite movies/tv shows/YouTube videos/etc... 
  • WELL, in one word, you have a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT WORLD waiting for you after learning these 1000 words! 


  1. Watch a few videos at once without pausing the videos first.
  2. When doing so, make sure to read the words OUT LOUD, following me.

  3. Watch those few videos again, but this time, pause the videos whenever you need to!
  4. So, if you want to write down the words on your notes, do it!
  5. If you want to repeat the words more times, do it!
  6. And, if you need to go somewhere, just do it ;) 
  7. Now, you can either keep looping those few videos, and keep doing Step 1 & 2, or stop watching the videos and try to memorize those words in your free time!
  8. BUT!
  9. You can always come back to the course and listen to my pronunciation (I'm a native Japanese speaker so. haha), and try to imitate my pronunciation over and over again :)
  10. Once you are comfortable with the words you learned in those few videos, go on to the next few!
  11. And, KEEP ON GOING :)
  12. When you go through all the videos... WOW! You know 1000 Japanese words!

I know that it could be boring, pretty hard, and time-consuming, but IT IS WORTH IT!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking this course!

Keep it up!!!!!!

- Max

P.S. Please take some time to leave reviews! That helps me a lot! Thanks!

The course project

This is not really a "Class Project," but here's what I would like to see from you!

Pick 10 words that you had hard times memorizing, and write down those words on your notebook (or a paper) in Kanji, Hiragana, or Roma-ji! 

You might find other Japanese learners here who had hard times for the same words as you :)

Also, YOU CAN DO THIS ANYTIME (while still taking the course, or after finishing the course!), and as many times as you want! 

...well, as long as the system allows you to do so. lol

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Living things & life
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Plants & crops
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Food and drink
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Weather, direction, & position
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Materials, Weights, & Measures
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Words in society
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Human made object
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Stationary & clothes
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Transportation & language
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Media, Colors, & Others
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Dai Max
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Hello, I'm Max! I am from Japan, currently living in Japan (previously lived in the United States).

I am a native Japanese speaker who speaks …

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