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Git & GitHub 101: For absolute beginners!

——   Created by Kalob Taulien

Learn Git and GitHub from scratch

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More about this course

Welcome to Git & GitHub 101: The perfect course for absolute beginners! 

Absolutely no experience is required for this course. Together we'll be doing a lot of fun things with Git and GitHub.

But first, we'll spend a little time getting familiar with GitHub's website. 

GitHub is an essential tool for programmers and web developers to collaborate and work with each other. But more importantly, every employer out there is going to expect you to have Git and GitHub experience. And this course is the perfect primer for that! 

Even if you have absolutely no experience with programming, coding, web development, git or GitHub, this course is perfect for you! 

I developed this course to be the perfect beginner-friendly course.

Give it a try, and within the next couple of hours I guarantee that GitHub and basic Git will make sense to you! 

The course project

You will need to:

  1. Create a GitHub repository from scratch
  2. Clone it to your computer 
  3. Edit a file on your computer
  4. Push that file to GitHub
  5. Take a screenshot of your new repo with your new file and share it with the class!

Estimated time for this project: 30 minutes. 

Don't forget to share your project in your project section, and to ask questions if you get stuck! 

Happy coding!

20 Lessons

2 mins
What is Git?
free preview
3 mins
What is GitHub?
free preview
2 mins
Creating a free GitHub account
free preview
3 mins
What is a repository?
4 mins
What are README files?
6 mins
What are commits?
3 mins
What are stars?
3 mins
What are reviews?
4 mins
What code should you open source?
3 mins
Downloading and installing Git on Windows
2 mins
Downloading and installing Git on MacOS
2 mins
Downloading and installing Git on Linux
3 mins
Configuring Git on your computer
5 mins
Your first repository
3 mins
Editing files on your computer
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